Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wedding Day Pinks and Blues

If ever anyone were to announce a garden wedding planned for the end of any year, I would strongly suggest a change of date or a change of venue. Garden weddings though beautiful and au natural, do come with a list of situations to consider like the below:

1. Weather threats - even though you can call on a bomoh or pray to God or check the forecast, nothing is certain when it comes to how the sky feels on that special day. If Mr Weather feels like crying that day, these would be a pretty mess:
- mushy and soft grounds where heels sink so deeply 
- a leaking water bed seat feeling due to the drench cushions
- a delayed start time depending when the skies stop crying - could be an hour or more and due to that it'll either be too dark for photography or too hot for the guests if it's a morning wedding 
- canopy with mist fans - a big no-no for photography 
- and even if there's no rain, wind, hot sun or the humid weather, would make guests feel sweaty and sticky by the end of the ceremony and may not be a preference especially for men in suits or ladies in pretty satin dresses. 

A beautiful Tanarimba wedding set-up (from #JamilyWeds)

2. Venue - beautiful outdoor wedding venues tend to be far from the big cities e.g. Tanarimba at Janda Baik, Hotel Equatorial Bangi, Pangkor Laut Resort or even Langkawi thus if you forget to bring something for the wedding e.g. wedding favours or decor, it can't arrive instantly the moment you remember the missed item. 

3. Suppliers - a quick tip for anyone planning a wedding is to always give all suppliers a quick reminder text or call on the eve of the event to avoid any incident of forgotten assigned task. It's never a wasted effort to give a little reminder. 

4. Nature's life forms - mosquitoes, sandflies, etc, are uninvited guests that won't go away so do prep with repellent stickers or coils or lemongrass whichever smells better 

5. Decor - adding plastic decor to a beautiful open space will not be suitable therefore set aside a budget for more fresh flowers, wooden decor, ribbons, candles etc. breaths are pretty, affordable and lasting! 

Baby breath decor at #JamilyWeds

The most fulfilling though would be the smiles on the couple's face at the end of the day despite whatever the heavens offer. If you're in any need of a wedding planner, I'm in partnership with Blissful Moment so PM us! 

Happy Planning! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Shell Lego Craze

As a huge fan of Lego and collectibles, I had a recent unpleasant incident at the station near my residence however I am glad to announce that Shell Customer Service & Marketing department do care about feedbacks and dissatisfactions.

The incident was this - there were no notification of the change of purchase rules for the Limited Edition Shell truck at the station I patron every week thus causing myself and my husband to fuelled up our tanks with the incorrect fuel type. Many would argue with me that the T&C was on a link on their website which I acknowledge (but not on the landing page nor the page where the truck image is on), nonetheless, that  particular station did not carry any of the POSMs that HQ issued thus causing my disappointment. 

On a happy note, my feedback to Shell was duly addressed within 48 hours and I am feeling glad again that international companies do know how to value their loyal customers (I've never used any other petrol brand since I have a car for the past 20 years unless it's really empty and there's no Shell). 

Something to keep in mind when we deal with our customers. :) 

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


It's been more than 2 years since the last blog entry and am recently encouraged to write again by 2 different people who doesn't know each other. Feels kinda like a message from above.

I have started to Instagram my many adventures since my Melbourne trip in July 2015. It's the convenience of instant updates in pictures that's so enticing!

Follow me on my #CafeAdventures, #HomeCooked, #StraightFromCamera and #StraightFromThePhone postings which can be easily Googled too! Just look for sharonlili_tan.

Here's some to start with:

Butter and Beans @ Sec 17, PJ

Hello! by Kitchen Mafia @ Sec17, PJ

Iberico @ Oasis, Ara Damansara

Sometimes we just need that little nudge to get things started and that constant outpouring of oil for the upkeep of the passion to write.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kevin & Iza: Dinner Reception - 10.05.2013

The continuation of the celebration was amazingly colourful and beautiful. Kevin & Iza looked gorgeous, the lighting and decor of the ballroom was a rainbow of colours and the guests were all smiles. Always a pleasure to capture the best moments of a friend's history in the making. Congrats again friends!

For more photos, click here: Dinner Reception

Kevin & Iza - Akad Nikah - 28.04.2013

Shot the Akad Nikad of my colleagues. They look so dashing and pretty. I just love the smiles. Some photos below and more at Nikad Album: Kevin & Iza

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding of Kenneth and Ameris - 03.08.2013

Lovely shoot this month for Kenneth and Ameris. The love between them is so clear - their smiley faces and loving glances just melts every heart. Congratulations to you both!

For more photos, go to Album: Kenneth & Ameris